Technologies available for licensing and development:

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· The Army Research Laboratory's Acoustic Physiological Monitor

· The Army Research Laboratory’s Solid State Materials for Microwave Antennae, Super-Conductor, Ferroelectric, Pyroelectric, and Piezoelectric Components and  Devices

· The Army Research Laboratory’s C-QWIP Focal Plane Array Infrared Camera Element

· The Naval Air Warfare Center's (Lakehurst, NJ) Atomizing Nozzle System for Providing Fine Mist for Firefighting, Extinguishing Fires, Fuel Injection, Humidification, Power Plant Scrubbers and Waste Incineration

· Ancile: Soldier-in-the-Field Geographically Targeted Early Warning and Personnel Tracking System

· Compressive Rope: A Novel Replacement for Fast Ropes and other Ropes Used for Climbing/Descending and Other Applications

· U. S. Navy Hand Gesturing Technology for UAVs, Robots, Control & Command Communications