In this age of corporate downsizing and cost reduction, research and development activities are often the first program areas to be reduced or eliminated. The end result of these financially motivated decisions is that a significant vacuum eventually appears on a companyís new product horizon. New product lines and/or improvements in current products are diminished due to these previous cutbacks in R&D.


Tech-Scouts can help bridge the R&D gap by locating technologies that are being developed in federal laboratories, universities and small businesses. A significant amount of federal support that has been provided to these research institutions can be leveraged by U.S. based corporations to fill this R&D gap.


For the federal laboratories alone, which include laboratories within agencies such as NASA, the Army, Navy, Air Force, the Department of Energy, and the Department of Agriculture, over $130 billion in 2006 was spent by the U. S. government.† Federal funding in 2002 to universities is on the order of $22 billion per year.† Another $26 billion was provided by the federal government† to small businesses in 2008 through Small Business Innovation Research grants; a program that provides money to entrepreneurs and highly innovative R&D companies for the purpose of developing cutting edge technologies.† Let Tech-Scouts help you mine these technology rich resources.


Advantages Utilizing Tech-Scouts Services:


Tech-Scouts provides a cost effective means of locating desired technology within the maze of federal laboratories, universities and small businesses.

Tech-Scouts acts as an effective buffer between the client and research entity, gathering necessary non-proprietary information and data that will aid the client in determining whether to proceed to an introduction stage.

Tech-Scoutís services enable a client to maintain a position of anonymity during the beginning stages of technology mining before any confidentiality agreements can be signed; thus ensuring that a clientís competitor will not discover their future market plans.


Let Tech-Scouts become part of your team, putting together a virtual R&D program for you.†


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